Sabtu, 22 Agustus 2009

Blue sky template navigation bar short tutorial

Maybe that someone who want to use this template gonna ask, "how to change navigation link?". This is simple turorial from me. there are two navigation bar in this template,if you wanna change the first navigation, go to the html edit page and find this keyword, "your url link", and change that with your url link whatever you want. For second navigation bar (facebook, twitter, etc), you just have to find this keyword, "your facebook ID, your twitter username, and your url link) and change that with your facebook ID, your twitter username and your url link for your RSS feed. after that, i made another navigation fot url link below first coloum, so you have to change that with your url link. find the word, "your link1, your link2, your link3, etc", and change this word with your link (this is good for your friend link). and the last step, if you wanna change the short news (hotline news or something else), find this word below, "Type your hotline news or the other personal description here.Thank you for time to visited me.Contact me on.....". and change this with your words. for example, you can make your biography, hotline news, or your contact. Finish, and enjoyed.....

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